A Closer Look At Heal-n-Soothe: Customer Reviews, Ingredients and Precautions

In this user-oriented Heal n Soothe review, we zoom in on how the key ingredients in the anti-inflammatory supplement can help fight inflammation; what customers have said — both good and bad — about the product; and its possible side effects.

We also look at the company behind the supplement, where you can buy it and explore various purchase options available.

Nowadays, more people are seeking natural solutions.

Perhaps, awareness is increasing as to their health benefits.

For example, when it comes to food, there are organic choices available. Also, more attention is being paid to how food producers raise their animals.

Even how food is cooked matters. All of which is good news for keeping inflammation in check.

Natural Alternatives for Health

When it comes to dealing with our health issues, going natural is quite the in-thing as well.

This is an important development, as numerous prescription drugs and medical solutions have been found to be harmful to our body.

Take for instance, painkillers. Their side effects and health risks can be quite nasty, bad enough to prompt health advisories from the FDA.

Fortunately, alternative remedies which use natural ingredients and promote natural healing are available.

Heal-n-Soothe — Anti-Inflammatory Supplement That’s All-Natural

Heal-n-Soothe is a dietary supplement from Living Well Nutraceuticals. It works primarily as an anti-inflammatory to fight inflammation and relieve pain.

Because of its unique formulation with 12 natural ingredients, there is also the added benefit of boosting health. We’ll discuss this in a while…

An Alternative to Painkillers

Many have discovered that Living Well’s Heal n Soothe works better than painkillers and more importantly, it is safe to use.

Rather than mask pain like what most painkillers do, its systemic enzyme blend works with the body to deal with inflammation and heal. Thus, users recover and get well, evident from the various customer reviews reproduced below.

Users Reported Effective Healing

Many people from all over have tried Living Well’s Heal-n-Soothe anti-inflammatory dietary supplement.

Some have converted from using traditional inflammatory treatment, such as NSAIDs, and found that this works better. Others have used it as a pain relief med to tackle issues like back pain and joint problems. These are just some examples.

We’ve looked at customer feedback* collected by The Healthy Back Institute, the people marketing this health product. Our view was to gain better insight into the supplement’s effectiveness.

Thus, the Heal and Soothe reviews shown here were selected to show various situations and levels of success. Let’s read what users have said…

HnS customer review A
HnS customer review Am
HnS customer review B
HnS customer review Bm
HnS customer review C
HnS customer review Cm
HnS customer review D
HnS customer review Dm

*Note: Feedback may be condensed in the quotes above to focus on salient points. The full text can be found at the middle and end portions of the HnS product page located here.

Complaints about Heal n Soothe

It appears that the #1 grouse about the product concerns not its efficacy but the way marketing and billing transactions are handled.

Apparently, the refund policy requires unopened bottles to be returned; partially consumed bottles don’t qualify. This doesn’t quite gel with the money-back guarantee. Presumably, the consideration here is product freshness.

In addition, gripes about erroneous credit card re-billing arising from trying the supplement for free can be seen posted on various forums and discussion boards.

Overall, these issues aren’t a major pain point once they are understood. They don’t compromise the quality of the product or its ability to perform.

However, you do need to be mindful of potential side effects when consuming the dietary pills. More on that later, when we look at the ingredients.

Tip: Yes, you can ask for a Heal-n-Soothe free trial bottle! We suggest how you can do this without hiccups over here.

Living Well Nutraceuticals — A Quick Intro

Living Well Nutraceuticals logo

Living Well is based in U.S.A. and is a professional member of the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA).

Their mission is to “provide safer, all natural alternatives to (these) risky drugs”, referring to dangerous meds like NSAIDs and other common prescription drugs.

To this end, one of the products they are distributing is Heal n Soothe, a supplement that uses “a little help from Mother Nature” to deal with health issues like joint and back pain. This quality supplement is manufactured by the National Enzyme Company.

Living Well Nutraceuticals’ portfolio includes the well-known Rub On Relief natural topical cream, Sleepzyme natural sleep aid, ThinMist weight loss spray and Natural Cleanse detox, among other natural products.

The Healthy Back Institute (HBI) markets Living Well’s products. If you’d like to know about the products mentioned above or other good-quality health remedies, check out HBI’s website now

Heal-n-Soothe Key Ingredients

LivingWell Nutraceuticals fully disclose the ingredients in their Heal-n-Soothe product, as shown on the product label.

The potency of this top anti-inflammatory supplement is thus known, so making an informed buying decision becomes easier.

Also, doctors can assess more accurately if the product is suitable for patients who are on other medications.

The purpose of each key ingredient is outlined below. Our HnS product review page goes into more details.

  • Systemic enzyme blend

    A potent mix comprising Protease AM, bromelain (derived from pineapples), Protease 6.0, Alkaline Protease and papain (extracted from papayas), this enzyme blend is responsible for fighting inflammation, dissolving scar tissue, cleansing blood and boosting the body’s cardio, respiratory and immune functions.

  • Boswellia extract

    A widely-used herb in Indian medicine, Boswellia is safe for reducing inflammation and pain; and for promoting healthy blood circulation.

  • Citrus bioflavonoids

    These polyphenolic compounds have anti-oxidant properties and help to absorb vitamins and protect connective tissues.

  • Ginger extract

    Another one of nature’s goodness with a long history of use in Asia (some 2000+ years), ginger is also great for reducing pain and inflammation.

  • Mojave yucca root

    This natural root exhibits anti-oxidant properties and helps to reduce inflammation.

  • Turmeric extract

    This herb — and a spice commonly used in cooking — blocks enzymes that create pain, thus helping to reduce inflammation. Turmeric also has antioxidant properties.

  • Rutin

    This strong anti-inflammatory is also an anti-oxidant.

  • Devil’s claw extract

    Derived from a native plant of Africa called Harpagophytum, Devil’s claw is effective in treating arthritis. This herb helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

Possible Side Effects

According to The Healthy Back Institute, proteolytic enzymes — or proteases — “have an excellent safety record.”

Known side effects of Heal n Soothe relate mainly to allergic reaction to one or more of its ingredients. So far, nothing severe has been reported. In the event of an allergy, users should discontinue taking the pills at once.

As the enzyme therapy does its work, the body may eliminate some bad stuff as listed below. Related to this, users may experience some effects and should stay mindful of such possibilities. Four situations have been identified, viz:

  • Mucus — thins and gets eliminated;

    Effect: People with sinus issues may experience some drainage for a short time.

  • Undigested matter — breaks down and gets eliminated;

    Effect: Individuals having digestive issues may experience some gas or loosening of stool.

  • Fibrin — gets eliminated;

    Effect: For those with borderline high blood pressure, less resistance on the blood means blood pressure could come down.

  • Fibroid — breaks down and gets eliminated;

    Women with uterine fibroids may experience some vaginal discharge.

Precautions on Using Heal-n-Soothe

The following warning comes from the product’s FAQ page, so take heed…

HnS warning
HnS warning 2

Heal-n-Soothe may not be suitable for everybody. As it is a type of systemic enzyme therapy, always discuss with your doctor first (before starting to take the dietary pills) to determine if your current state of health permits such a treatment.

The following situations make use of this health supplement inadvisable:

  • People below age of 18
  • Women who are pregnant or lactating
  • People with known allergic reaction to pineapples or papayas
  • People with known ulcers of the stomach
  • People currently on antibiotics or prescription blood thinners (Coumadin, Heparin, Plavix, etc)
  • People scheduled for surgery in less than two weeks’ time

Again, when in doubt, always consult your doctor first.

Where to Buy Heal n Soothe

People from around the globe, like in the UK, Australia and U.S.A. (of course), have benefited from using this natural anti-inflammatory supplement to resolve pain and inflammation problems. Are you ready to try it?

This remarkable LivingWell health product is only sold online. Which means it is available internationally**, all day long. Click on the button below to go to the official store and have a look at current deals and promotions.

While it may be possible to buy a single bottle on Amazon, it is more prudent to buy direct and enjoy bulk discounts (such as their 3-bottle and 6-bottle deals) and other seasonal offers.

What’s more, you get to request a free trial bottle if you’d like to test the product first. Just pay shipping — something like $10 if you are in the U.S. — to get it sent to you. Definitely worth considering.

**Note: Some countries may have custom restrictions on certain health products.


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