Useful Info on Heal n Soothe: Reviews, Where to Buy, Free Trial, Side Effects, Deals & Discounts, Ingredients and More

Do you have questions about whether you should buy Heal n Soothe?

Still unsure if this dietary supplement can treat joint pain and other inflammation-related problems?

No worries, the quick guide you see here should clear your doubts and equip you with useful info.

Discover how to get a free trial bottle and the various deals available to you when you shop online at the official store.

Read reviews to learn more about Heal n Soothe ingredients and known side effects.

We know all the answers would serve you well in your pre-purchase research; so, read on…

Heal n Soothe Free Trial

The manufacturer of this natural anti-inflammatory supplement, Living Well Nutraceuticals, do offer would-be customers a free trial bottle. Click on the button below to get yours.

Valued at $59 a bottle, you only have to pay a small shipping fee to get the free bottle sent to you. However, do bear in mind that your credit card details would be put on file for auto-shipping after the first month — so, if you find that somehow Heal n Soothe does not work for your situation, remember to cancel the auto-ship early to avoid incurring extra charges.

Discounts and Deals

In case you are a discerning shopper looking for a good deal, as always, it pays to buy in bulk. Discounts as much as $100 off the regular price can be had when you go for the 6-bottle package. There is also the 3-bottle deal you can consider, as shown below.

If you have used Heal n Soothe to relieve your aches and pains, and found that continued use has helped build your body’s resilience, why not enjoy maximum savings by buying more? As a goodwill gesture to your friends and loved ones who may be suffering from inflammatory pain, you could gift a couple of bottles to them.

Reviews of Heal n Soothe

In the course of finding out more about Heal n Soothe, you would have come across several reviews on various websites. We suggest you read our full review as well to make your study more complete — look out for common points being emphasized and the occasional nugget of info you might not find elsewhere (e.g. the tip about cancellation given earlier).

Another great place to learn about the product is at the official website (click here to visit) where there is a lot of user feedback about how Heal n Soothe has worked and changed lives. It’s always comforting to be able to relate to other people with similar health problems and find out how they got better. Here are some quotes:

“This stuff is God in a bottle” … Greg Moorman

“It has given me my life back” … Theresa Klein

“95% pain-free after first bottle of Heal-n-Soothe!” … Ina Mae McBride

“More relief from Heal-n-Soothe than I got from Naproxen!” … Carol

“My pain and inflammation went down in just 2-days!” … Dan Monahan

But of course, do take in these customer testimonials with a pinch of salt and look out for negative comments too to get a more balanced view. The ‘Net can be quite useful for such tasks.

There is no harm to put in a little more effort to better understand any dietary supplement you are considering to use. Always, when in doubt, consult a medical profressional like your doctor to assess if the product is suitable* for your current state of health.

Remember, there is no rush; so, peruse the info we have provided on our Natural Anti-Inflammatory Help website carefully and make an informed decision.

*Note: Some people shouldn’t use this product. Our Heal n Soothe info page has a list…

Heal n Soothe Side Effects

One of the most important questions to ask is about side effects; in fact, this should be the first, ahead of finding out about prices, discount coupons and other what-nots. Your health matters most, so do a detailed study on the product, then judge whether it’s worth paying for it — never do it the other way round!

A good way to understand side effects is by the type of ingredients used in the health supplement, how they are sourced and the potential benefits they offer.

Often, many supplements don’t have the benefit of hindsight (from a long history of use) to back up their claims, so a good consideration would be whether synthetic — i.e. man-made; concocted in the labs — or natural substances are being used.

In the case of Heal n Soothe ingredients, these come from natural sources, as summarized in the list below:

  • Bromelain — pineapple
  • Papain — papaya
  • Boswellia extract — Boswellia serrata tree
  • Ginger extract — ginger
  • Mojave Yucca root — Joshua tree (according to wikipedia)
  • Turmeric extract — dried root of turmeric plant
  • Rutin — variety of plants and fruits
  • Devil’s claw — grapple plant (see this plant encyclopedia)

As far as reported side effects of Heal n Soothe anti-inflammatory supplement is concerned, these can be widely attributed to allergies to some of its ingredients. For example, the manufacturer has raised these cautionary points:

  • Individuals with sinus issues may experience some drainage for a short time, as mucus thins and is eliminated from the body.
  • Those with digestive problems may experience some gas or loosening of stools, as undigested matter is broken down and eliminated.
  • People with borderline high blood pressure may experience a drop in blood pressure, as fibrin being eliminated from the body can cause a decrease in resistance of blood flow.
  • Women with uterine fibroids may experience some vaginal discharge as the fibroid is broken down and eliminated.

Heal n Soothe vs. Pain Killers

If you have been following Dr. Oz’s TV show, you might recall he did a feature with Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil some time back, where they discussed dangerous meds in your medicine cabinet. Here’s a snippet of the video in case you’ve missed it — listen to what the experts said…

Note: YouTube has pulled the video since April 1st, 2015; its error message said: “Dr. Devi on Dangers of Ibup…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by doctoroz. In its place, here’s a BBC One report on the dangers of common painkillers such as ibuprofen.

So, how does Heal n Soothe compare? Below is an informative chart found on the manufacturer’s website which compares their anti-inflammatory pills with leading pain killers often prescribed by docs.

What’s important to bear in mind is the risks involved in using certain pain killers — take a look at the section “Beware of Dangerous Pain Medications” on this page. And don’t forget that most drugs treat only symptoms and not their causes, so there’s not much to say about their healing effects. It’s better to consider natural anti-inflammatory remedies.

Where Do You Go From Here?

With the various aspects of Heal n Soothe being clarified, you should now have a much better idea about this dietary supplement which deals with inflammation.

Once again, if you are thinking about giving the product a try, head over to the official website by clicking the button below.

If you are looking for special deals, here is where you should go…

And just in case you haven’t seen our review, click here and read it now. There’s also our Heal n Soothe resource page you should visit.

We trust you have found the best natural solution to deal effectively with your inflammation problems.

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